The Evolution Focus Experience


Can you imagine growing your business to a point where every experience with your business provides greater meaning / reward than it’s existing products or services?

Now imagine how it would it feel if you were able to create those same experiences with people who DON’T know you yet.


For example…you can connect on a richer, more authentic, more transparent level with:

    1. Those who are newly referred to you by a colleague, friend or family member
    2. Those who find you on YouTubeFacebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks
    3. Those who walk in to your store for the very first time
    4. Those who visit your website for the very first time
    5. Those who read your blog for the very first time
    6. Those who sign up for your newsletters
    7. Those who enter your contests
    8. Those who fill out your surveys
    9. Those who join your webinars
    10. Those who discover you at a conference
    11. Those who meet you at a networking group
    12. Etc.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

And what it would feel like if you were able to look at all the marketing mediums and channels you have at your disposal (like those above and more) as tools to share those experiences with others (enriching the connection) instead of tools that simply get people in the door that don’t guarantee conversions?

You don’t need need someone on your team to be a chief technologist; you need to think of your business as a “human to human” enterprise.

KNOWing exactly what it will take to make meaningful connections and get real results from those tools without having to master all the inner workings of them is possible.  I assure you…it happens all the time.

Just picture the rewards of…

  • Creating brand messages that don’t just look good but make others FEEL good
  • Creating branded collateral that TRULY speaks to the needs of others - because you have spent the time to understand who they are.
  • Becoming a brand that people talk about or  search for by name.
  • Turning foot traffic into virtual traffic because they want to explore ALL that you have to offer (online and offline)
  • Creating content that people and search engines LOVE to share
  • Leveraging the search engines to direct people to the pages that matter most to them (in turn increasing conversions)
  • Paying half of what others do in paid advertising (and getting the same OR higher conversions) because you are “intention focused” not click focused
  • Crafting Facebook posts that increase in likes, comments and shares - but most important “connection” 
  • Knowing how to turn those 140 characters in Twitter into meaningful conversations that lead to real relationships
  • Understanding your website traffic in such a way helps you improve on successes and create more of them
  • Designing a “listening” policy (for all channels) that ensures you and all staff are dedicated to your customers
  • Creating rewards that offer intrinsic value to others not just extrinsic (making them FEEL good)
  • And earning trust because you do all of the above better than anyone else.

There is no stopping the revenue train when customers feel connected to you.

Unfortunately, I see very few businesses (that I don’t coach personally) taking advantage of OR truly getting the best of all these rewards.  Most of which are SUPER SIMPLE to accomplish as well…

The reason isn’t what you may think either.

It is not because they don’t have access to the tools or the knowledge to use them.  It is not because they don’t have the budget (not entirely).  It’s not even because their business isn’t a good fit for these opportunities either.

…Yes, it could be because they aren’t ready.

…Yes, it could be because they don’t have the right mind set to attract the greatness possible in each of them.

But above all else…

There is a 90% chance that they are simply approaching
all of these opportunities from the wrong perspective.

And maybe, just maybe you are too.

But the great news is…the solution is simple.  A change in perspective is often all it takes.

Even that took ME a while to figure out as well. I was always so focused on the channels and their mechanics in the beginning that I became scientific with my approaches in them.  I analyzed everything about their functionality - looking for patterns in why certain things produce certain results. I tested numerous theories derived from my many studies in education,  art, psychology and science to see if I could invoke MORE meaning out of it all.    Thousands of hours invested in fact between Branding, PR, Web Admin, SEO, PPC, Analytics, Email Marketing and as of late Social Media.  And finally – I did it. I found the perspective I was looking for.

I discovered that it wasn’t about the tools we used, not at all. It was about how we positioned ourselves within those tools.  It  is about the beliefs that drove our messages IN those tools!

A simple shift with HUGE impact was all it took.

When I realized that it came down to 8 core belief systems
 – I started to see validation of those beliefs EVERYWHERE!

In nearly 80% of the “famous quotes” surrounding success (from every great President and First lady to OprahWalt Disney, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Success Magazine, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and more) to 70% of the books / articles/ speeches  on business, education, marketing, success and personal development (that I have read) from authors like Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, Brendon BurchardJames Paul Gee, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Eckhart Tole, Brian Grasso etc. and all the businesses these amazing individuals have assisted…it was clear that these core beliefs weren’t just “means” to creating success, they were means to creating meaningful success.

Loyalty, longevity and purpose all seemed to be a given when these 8 core belief systems were activated.

Those systems allow us to tap INTO our unique beliefs – therefore no two belief systems are going to look the same.  And that is JUST fine as there really is no cookie cutter approach to success.

But there are great philosophies, programs and systems to work with!

….And I would LOVE for you to explore this one yourself.


On April 28th, 2013  an exclusive group of businesses {just like yours} are going to embark upon a journey of EPIC change – that will  completely transform how they grow and succeed in our rapidly changing digital world.


Once a week for 12 weeks (via live online training) they will  come  together (with me Cijaye) to learn the exact requirements for designing and activating their very own purpose driven philosophy out of the 8 core belief systems for making “meaningful” connections.  They will discover just how simple these systems are to helping them build loyalty / guarantee longevity for lifetimes to come {in their businesses AND personal lives}. And they will know exactly how to reap all the rewards mentioned in the top of this site with ease.  They will be mentored by one of the best!

If you believe this program is for you…

efex main header

Here’s what you will get:

Starting April 28th 2014

  • Group Training / Mentoring Call / Week x 12 weeks
    • Note: LIVE Mentoring = Guaranteed* Progress
    • All calls or recorded – in case you cannot make one
  • In Session & Self Directed Assignments / Action Plans To Ensure MORE Progress
    • Including the development of your own FUNCHARTing Playbook
  • Unlimited Email Access to ME!
  • PLUS: One 30 minute 1:1 mentoring call with me per month

This mentoring program is valued at $5000!  It’s intense and WORTH EVERY PENNY!  But I am offering a dramatic discount to those who are REALLY serious about getting their businesses properly aligned!

That’s why ONLY certain people will qualify for it.

Note: This program is NOT for everyone.  If you have arrived on this page looking for tactical Digital Marketing Training – this particular mentoring program is NOT IT. Even though we will be discussing how each of the tools will help you connect, hear, appreciate, reward and earn trust better – anyone seeking tactical training is better suited for my Digital Marketing Online Program at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

The Evolution Focus Experience is about laying the foundation for success from the inside out.

It’s about getting you to think about the big picture and reverse engineer your way to it (ie: “evolution focused”) with a people first mindset.

As such, great emphasis will be on the fundamentals that make all connections stronger…ongoing.

Essentially you will be learning what it takes to be the CCO (Chief Customer Officer) in your own business. And EVERY business needs one.

Who is this mentoring program for: 

If you are just starting your business OR you are already in business but needing a transition (reset) for greater growth – this is for YOU.

If you are ready to take your existing business to the next level in customer service, retention and loyalty – this is for you!

If you need to get your staff better aligned with your mission / vision and WHY – this is YOU.

If you need to get your brand, products and services better aligned with your customers – this is for YOU.

If you need to develop a system to work from and to share with your internal champions, this is for you.

This is a holistic approach to building a customer centric business.

It will not focus on the TOOLS you use - it will focus on the connections you make before, during and after those tools.

It’s about loyalty, longevity and success!

The bigger picture…not the granular one. It’s about legacy!  Creating something you can be proud of.

If you want in, you need to call direct – and arrange an interview.

Call now: 778-938-3673

ONLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATES will be invited to join.

*I guarantee that you will be provided with progressive action plans to take on your business’ growth / evolution hacking.  This will take place with the development of your FUNCHARTing Playbook as well as the 52 Week Unified Content Planner. It is your responsibility to complete these action steps. I will not be held accountable for any or all inaction on your part.

Without a doubt, it will be a life changing adventure for many; an experience never to be forgotten! 


These business owners will help themselves AND help each other.   Much like they would in a mastermind group or an exclusive (invite only) networking group, the lessons they learn will be shared among them so that everyone in the group can gain from the synchronized intelligence they share.

Through their experiences they will become a community of self-aware businesses – targeting the same goal…of  building a business that FEELS good to everyone involved with it.  They will each discover how to turn their companies into a LEGACY that generates MASSIVE buzz naturally — without all the overhyped “cookie cutter” marketing tactics that everyone else is pushing.

This is an entirely new way to evolve business, based on tried and true principals that have always contributed to success. And better yet – it’s a philosophy for success that allows ANY business to adopt any NEW technology, mediums or channels that arrive in the future with minimal effort and little to no change management. <I guarantee it!


Call now: 778-938-3673

ONLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATES will be invited to join.

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