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    Prepared Keynotes for 2015:


      funcharting leadership“How To Create & Inspire Champions”

      Conference or Corporate Event Keynote

      It’s no secret that building loyalty among your audiences (whether they are staff, customers or social media fans / followers) is vital but as many companies know it is not as easy as “being nice”

      You have to know your “WHY” and position your company in front of people who believe in your WHY as well.  PLUS you must understand basic human emotions on a deep level so that they can champion your “WHY” along with you in such a way that your bottom line is positively impacted.

      This motivational keynote is not your average “leadership” curriculum.

      What is covered in this presentation and the follow up series – comes from a deep understanding of the art, science and psychology of business, marketing and leadership combined. With nearly 20 years of experience backing these lessons, what your audience will take-away from this – could be game changing!

      Easily extending from 1 hour to a full weekend workshop of training, FUNCHARTing Leadership offers a breakthrough to those seeking stronger bonds with their most promising champions!

      First launched online through Learn It Live, this inspirational leadership presentation has inspired a “movement” of additional leadership talks that I intend to expand upon through 2014.

      To hire me as your next Inspirational Leadership speaker please call 1-778-938-3673 or 1-206-452-3673 today.

      “Socially Integrated, A New Era of Digital Marketing” Economy Conference Keynote

      Without question Social Media and Mobile Devices have dramatically changed the Digital Marketing game for businesses.

      Both have experienced rapid growth in the past five years and technology evolution experts predict that this isn’t likely to change, especially in emerging markets.

      However, we cannot ignore the incredible relevance of cross pollinating our Social / Mobile efforts with our more traditional Digital Marketing channels and leveraging the powerful Internet Economy that follows.

      We first need to understand how to CHART success and convert with Social Media before we do it .  It’s never a simple as just “setting up a Facebook page” or “building a Twitter Business Page” etc. There is so much more to this that YOU deserve to know.

      This presentation will exhibit how Social Integration is not just smart forward thinking, but also a far more effective means of increasing overall revenues and ROI.

      To view testimonials, click here. To hire me as your next professional keynote speaker please call 1-778-938-3673 or 1-206-452-3673 today.


      keyword optimization “How To Create High Converting, Keyword Targeted Landing Pages”

      Corporate, Internet Marketing Conference or Meetup Keynote

      If you believe the “myths” that keywords don’t matter any more – this session is NOT for you!

      All search engines and social graphs are still KEYWORD driven, that’s a FACT and this session is for those who truly understand that using keywords wisely is still one of the best ways to ensure that your sites are discovered and you can generate leads!

      Ask any expert in any niche and they will still tell you that optimization is important!  And what is optimization?  Smart keyword placement and smart media usage. Period.

      Summary Of Content:

      1. Why Conduct The Research?
      2. What To Look For?
      3. How to Make It Work For You?
        1. Optimizing URLS
        2. Optimizing Meta Tags
        3. Optimizing Content
        4. Tracking The Data

      The Pitch:

      Do you want to know how all the Online Marketing Experts / Content Teams are rapidly churning out an excessive amount of new and unique landing pages that hit the top of the search engines and dramatically increase their leads or sales?

      If so, then you need to attend this workshop!

      In “How To Create High Converting Keyword Targeted Landing Pages” Internet Marketing Specialist, I take you behind the scenes to discover how the experts find killer keywords that get insane results.


      • Why conducting keyword research before building landing pages is a REALLY SMART move.
      • How the TOP experts conduct their keyword research (with which tools)
      • The power commands and techniques the REAL experts look use within these tools
      • Why going after keywords with the top most searched keyphrases can be a dangerous waste of time (especially for businesses just getting started with traffic generation)
      • And how you can extract and optimize the most beneficial keywords to your business and put them to work for you on your key landing pages!

      No matter how big, how small, how niche or how broad your business is – you can tap into this magic! Anyone can.

      I will show you how!

      To hire me as your next Digital Marketing keynote speaker please call 1-778-938-3673 or 1-206-452-3673 today.

      how to optimize your landing pages keynote“Top 3 Secrets To Maximizing Landing Page Optimization”

      Corporate, Internet Marketing Conference or Meetup Keynote

      Do you want to know the secrets to getting visitors to take action on your key pages?  Want to increase your mailing list subscribers, trials or sales?  In this presentation, I show you how to do it all!

      To view testimonials, click here. To hire me as your next professional keynote speaker please call 1-778-938-3673 or 1-206-452-3673 today.

      Summary of Content :

      1. Optimize for User Experience
      2. Optimize for Action
            1. Optins
            2. Sales
            3. Sharing
      3. Optimize for Search

      The Pitch:

      In this presentation you will discover how all the Online Marketing Experts / Teams are creating killer landing pages that secure an endless flow of optins, sales or social shares!

      If you want to know all the critical steps that ensure Landing Page Success, then you need to attend this workshop!

      In “Top 3 Secrets To Maximizing Landing Page Optimization”  I take you behind the scenes to discover how the experts {that everyone (including myself) looks up to online} are getting  insane results from their landing pages.

      I will teach you:

      • Why search matters so much to the decisions you make on your landing pages.
      • How you can find, extract and optimize the most beneficial keywords to your business and put them to work for you on your key landing pages!
      • Why despite the keywords, the user experience is so critical to you, your online presence and results and how you can make certain your landing pages maximize user experience every single time.
      • How you can increase your chances of gaining visitor loyalty and conversions on every single landing page visit.

      No matter how big, how small, how niche or how broad your business is – you can tap into this magic! Anyone can.

      I will show you how it’s done!

      To hire me as your next Digital Marketing keynote speaker please call 1-778-938-3673 or 1-206-452-3673 today.


      writing a book keynote“How To Write A Highly Targeted eBook Outline In A Day”

      Internet Marketing or Writers Conference Keynote

      Whether you are an existing author OR you are just getting started, there is something magical about being able to write a book that your audience really wants and that makes you money while you sleep!

      If you want to become an info-product master, you need to learn the tricks of the trade.  I will provide you with the exact blueprint to make it happen!

      During this presentation you will learn these tried and true methods:

      1. How to conduct in-depth keyword research that dictates exactly what your chapter titles are and what content goes into your product!
      2. How to take the time out to do intensive and qualitative market validation
      3. How to run a complete SWOT analysis on the products of your top 10 competitors so you fill the gaps they are missing in their product and CAPITALIZE ON THEM!
      4. How to position your product using the traditional 4P’s of Marketing re-purposed for the fast paced, rapidly evolving, super robust and uber automated online world.
      5. And I will teach you how to SELL your product before you even write it!

      If you succeed in doing these 5 things in this exact order, with the right strategies in mind – you are almost guaranteed books sales every single time!

      This presentation goes over the entire process of writing a book that nearly EVERY SINGLE Internet Guru has used to create their best sellers!  And the best part is you can do it ALL in less than a week!

      For a sampling of what this keynote covers, please read this blog post on Writing a Book.

      Or to hire me as your next keynote speaker please call 1-778-938-3673 or 1-206-452-3673 today. Don’t delay. I am only committing to 12 keynotes per year at the moment.

      Want Me To Customize A Keynote or Workshop For Your Corporate or Conference Needs?

      professional speaker presentations customized for your audienceCorporate, Internet Marketing Conference or Meetup Keynotes

      Any topic that I am both knowledgeable and passionate about can be made into a Keynote for your next conference or event.  Sample topics may be:

      • Inspirational Leadership
      • Digital Marketing (General)
      • Market Research (Including Surveying)
      • SEO (post Panda,  Penguin & Hummingbird)
      • Google Adwords PPC (Maximizing Conversions on Search Campaigns)
      • Google Analytics (Basic to Intermediate Performance Metrics)
      • Content Strategies
      • Building Info Product Empires
      • Building Training Programs
      • Professional Speaking Secrets  and Creating Brilliant Presentations


      For more ideas on my knowledge or philosophies, please browse the blog.  Or contact me directly at 1-778-938-3673 or 1-206-452-3673 today.

      For custom keynotes, training / education and/or lunch and learns, please call direct: 1-778-938-3673

      If you are a booking manager, this is for you.

      purpose driven business marketing coachDear Event Manager,

      Are you tired of hiring professional business speakers that seem kind of dry or nervous in their delivery?  What about those book smart but not experienced speakers?

      Don’t you want to hire an experienced keynote speaker that can motivate your audience to take transformational action and do great things with their marketing efforts?

      What would it be worth to turn your audience into RAVING fan’s because you brought in an World Class experienced and genuinely passionate, motivational speaker to your next event?  What about one that has a track record for practicing what she preaches, filling in the knowledge gaps and simplifying the complex in areas such as online marketing, research, user / customer experiences, data analysis, educational product & programs  design / delivery, training programs development, loyalty building and scalability thereof?

      Well, if that sounds good to you then I would like to introduce myself more formally. I have been hands on in the trenches as a marketer and trainer for nearly 2 decades now. I have personally helped numerous companies save millions and make millions of dollars in business.

      I know your audience can benefit from my knowledge and passion.

      I absolutely love to share my business success stories and inspire people with the amazing results I’ve produced over the last 2 decades!

      I am an educational speaker with hands on experience!

      In every single presentation I deliver, I aim to give value; real audience takeaways! I don’t just share “stories” and “case studies” without “how to” information. I educate first and foremost, with the aim of motivating audiences to make big things happen.

      In all of my keynotes I  use vibrant visuals, a steady pace and great passion. I inspired my audiences to be just as excited about the secrets I’ve discovered as I am!  I show them the MAGIC!

      Located in Vancouver BC, Canada but not restricted to this location for keynotes nor training – I have delivered EPICLY motivating presentations at corporations, conferences, business schools, colleges and seminars across 4 continents and I cannot wait to reach the rest!

      I have had audiences up to 500 persons and I have been regularly “swarmed” for QnA’s at each of them (and I have loved every moment).

      If you are looking for a professional conference keynote speaker, specializing in Marketing Online and Offline – who can truly command your audience to go out and do EPIC things with their businesses….don’t delay another moment to reach out. I am your girl!  

      Download my Speaker Bio

      Or call RIGHT NOW: 1-778-938-3673.

      I would also be honored to attend your event as one among your panel of experts.

      Please call today: 1-778-938-3673.

      BIO: Cijaye DePradine (featured as one of the Top 5% (out of 200 million members) viewed on LinkedIn in 2012) authored her first business book and established her own successful boutique Marketing Consultancy (CijayeCreative) in 2003. She has since traveled much of the world as a Business Expert, Keynote Speaker and Trainer on Internet Marketing.

      Teaching thousands of Entrepreneurs how to build a successful online business is a gift and a passion of hers. She has also helped develop and repurpose numerous training programs that have grossed millions of dollars for outside companies.  Cijaye is now helping the Center for Arts and Technology build the Standard for Digital Marketing Certification Programs in Canada and she is getting back on the speaking circuit to spread the word!

      To hire me for any function please contact me at 1-778-938-3673 or 1-206-452-3673 today.

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