Keyword Optimization Challenge - Still Working

If you have followed along over the last few months, you already know that I set out on a journey to prove to my SEO students (aka: Search Engine Optimization) (or as I now prefer to call it Site Experience Optimization) that you COULD still optimize your pages / posts and see a difference in your online position for associated keywords / keyword phrases.

This was vitally important for me to do because I had admittedly done very little with my own sites for SEO in a long time — and because the mainstream online marketing world keeps saying that SEO is dead.

So, day one of my journey / challenge was May 22nd, 2014.  From that day through to day 8, I worked fairly tirelessly at researching, planning and tweaking anything and everything that might help me move up the search engine index (Google specifically) for the term Marketing Consultant Vancouver BC.

I then gave it a break, which is (if you intend to challenge yourself)  vital in my opinion because it’s far too easy to over-optimize now adays and you just don’t want to push the envelope too far in that direction or it might jeopardize everything on your site(s).

Anyhow, the next entry was approx. day 30, then the next day 60 and here we are, a few days over day 90 (so I am coining it day 90 just to keep it simple) and I am proud to say that I have finally moved up to page 7 in the search engine results pages!

If there weren’t ad’s running, I would be on page 6 (hence position 68).

seo still works

Now keep in mind, all of my efforts around this keyword phrase have been done on THIS site. And through most of this challenge, I have ONLY seen movement on my agency site (which we see in these images) because I linked to it a few times.

But that was until today…which I will discuss towards the end of this post.

Either way…this is notable movement, even if it is NOT bottom line impacting.

We always want our site to be within the top 3 positions in Google (page 1) to get the lions share of visitors / keyword phrase. {But we cannot control that nor can we maintain it forever}.

But I am still grateful for the progress.  Progress = positive results.  Who doesn’t want positive results?  Don’t you?

success is the sum of repeated stepsHere’s even more proof that this stuff works.

When I last checked my position for that site in Google (approx. 1 month ago) I was way back on page 11!

how to move up in google

Now that is movement. Right?

Within one month I jumped nearly 5 pages in the index. How cool is that!?

Are you convinced yet that SEO is a smart strategy?

You should be! Keyword optimization can go a long way for your business.

It is true, I do need more movement for this to make an impact on my business, yes this will take more effort on my part and no I won’t give up, but the fact of the matter is, with minimal effort so far (considering I more or less stopped optimizing on Day 8) the payoff is obvious.

If I was more aggressive {which I certainly would be if this were a clients page} I would see alot more movement and alot faster too.

But one thing we cannot ignore is what our efforts do for us beyond what we intend for in SEO.

This is where the REAL magic happens and why I love this stuff so much.

As seen in this image below, my attempts to optimize this site for the term marketing consultant Vancouver bc, has FINALLY resulted in an increase for that term as well as related terms.

moving up the serps

In fact is is beating my agency site for Marketing Consultant Vancouver … and for Marketing Consultant Vancouver BC (which isn’t even showing up for Cijaye Creative).

seo effort reported in google webmaster tools

Do you see how I am slowly climbing up the index now for BOTH sites (as noted: in the far right CHANGE column) for these and other related terms (which some refer to as LSI keywords)?

That’s the GIFT of SEO.

Sometimes you will target something so particular with your long tail keywords (keyword phrases of 4 or more words) and you end up getting MORE in return.

Think about it, I did NOT target those keyword phrases…they just started appearing.


Granted, they do me little to no good when I am in pretty low positions and little to no impressions as a result.  No one is going to see my site or click in these positions…not here.

But I AM seeing results.  And if I work harder, I can improve these results.

So the moral of the story is, SEO is “still” NOT dead.

Not by a long shot.  You simply need to understand the boundaries of it and how to make it work for your particular site / pages / posts.

It is a long-term payoff, not a short win.  But you cannot ignore it’s benefits. Can you?

P.S.: You can review the whole journey so far below if you would like to learn more. And please do feel free to share this…the more people share our content, the more authority it builds.  We all need that in order to keep moving up the SERP’s. I would appreciate that on my end.

Day 1  | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4Day 5 | Day 8 |  Day 30 | Day 60 | Today: Day 90ish


Keyword Optimization Challenge – Still Working

I have a dream that the future won't be a nightmare.

Todays’ #MindfulMonday post is a tribute to Statistician, Nic Marks and his  ”Happy Planet Index” TED Talk.  It’s a must watch if you are contemplating how to increase your own happiness as well as world happiness in the near future.

Even if we cannot feel happy every moment of every day as a general consensus, it’s one of the single most important desires of mankind, we all know that.

But are we collectively ruining our own chances for happiness with the way we are using our resources across the globe? Watch below and discuss in the comments section…I would love to hear your thoughts.


For more great conversations on Happiness and / or Mindfulness, I highly recommend visiting these two sections of Huffington Post: The Third Metric | Mindfulness Research

Oh…and have a happy day! xoxox Cijaye.

Our Education Is Broken, It's Time For A Change!

It saddens me frequently to hear the distorted perceptions of what education, relationship building and even family time should look like. No matter what the context, personal or professional – or a hybrid thereof, these essential areas of human interaction need to be approached with a deep consideration of the long term effects.

Seriously, the looking glass that I am peaking through these days (at our Ministry of Education, the PEOPLE we call leaders and even “some” of those who call themselves PARENTS) shows an appalling truth that I believe is getting grossly close to neglegent.

Admittedly, I cannot see everything through that looking glass therefore I do not have all the “facts” AND I know I am not an authority on these subjects.

But I do like to believe that I have a firm handle on them all both personally and professionally and have something of worth to share with anyone who is just embarking on or trying to find their way in these areas…so here are my thoughts for today.

First, lets start by recognizing that there are 5 core beliefs that all human’s share:

  1. We all need to feel connected
  2. We all  need to be heard
  3. We all  need to be appreciated
  4. We all  like to be rewarded
  5. We all  yearn to earn and receive trust.

To help you remember these, I have cleverly (IMHO) defined them as CHART.

Connect, Hear, Appreciate, Reward & Trust. <- Easy RIGHT?

Now, if we are looking at education…and especially the current battle going on between the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) and our Education Ministry, you will see that the plea for smaller class sizes and/or better resources (which are the two biggest requests on the bargaining table from the teachers end; to my knowledge) are fundamentally a request to CHART success better with students.

Teachers desperately need to connect and dedicate more time to hear  and act on the needs of their students that truly feel alone or lost in their classes, but they can’t because the current structure is NOT conducive to that. Class sizes are too big, resources are improperly allocated and the curriculum / delivery thereof is getting to a point of archaic.

And it’s NOT the teachers that are the problem.  It’s the lack of support from government to CHANGE things that is the problem.


When life gets in the way of success

After writing this post a highly respected colleague of mine (Rob Toth) tagged me (in Facebook) for this video of Arriana Huffington‘s presentation at Wisdom 2.0.  The presentation was about the Third Metric which is more or less what this post is about…and you are likely to love it – if you follow Arrianna and/or find value in my post.

Check it out below, but do read on please as there are some great tips on how to make this Third Metric work for you. It’s all about following your dreams and living a self aware, highly conscious life while doing so.


#followfriday: Companies That Care; Kickoff With Sir Richard Branson

I have been on a bit of a mission lately to work smarter, live smarter and love smarter.

The more “conscious” I am of what I am doing and how I am being; the more pride I take in myself and my ability to transfer my wisdom on to others.

My goal really is to leave this world a better place by inspiring as many of tomorrows leaders as I can.

Even if I cannot change the world all by myself, I can choose the “leaders” (students, companies / clients I work with (or support)) – and make sure that they share the same core values as I do.

I can make better life decisions that ensure balance / minimize stress & prioritize family. & I can lead with love in everything that I do.

This is why I have made it my mission to seek out and build awareness of others that follow the same philosophies.


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