In honor of the now mainstream action item “followfriday” – I am dedicating this post to my girls over at OMG Social Media.  Not to be confused with the teenage shock and horror response to bad hair, bad fashion or other bad choices (“oh my god”) {she says as she hears Sir Mix Alot, Nicki Minaj and even Jimmy Fallon / Will I Am doing their renditions thereof} their OMG is short for Online Media Generation.

Their vehicle of choice is Social Media – and they deliver via a very exclusive business conference here in Vancouver BC.

Last year, I was invited to take part as a breakout session speaker which  I did consider an honor, especially once I saw how incredibly well produced this event (and all promotional efforts leading up to it) was.  In fact, I was so impressed that I have continued to use it as an example / case study in many ways with my existing Event Marketing Students.

And guess what…

This year, I was invited back as a speaker
and I am not only grateful but also excited.

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Here’s why I think you should be excited as well.

This conference is very well produced.

Like I said before, I was extremely impressed by the production of last years event. I am very proud to be associated with it.  From the start to the finish and beyond, it lived up to all of it’s promises of delivering an excellent experience and invaluable education.

The agenda was clear, all deliverable’s were met, everything was on time and they even made room for some extremely interactive opportunities with attendee’s that gave them ample opportunity to ask questions, receive answers live and be a part of the live feed’s throughout the entire day.

(Having planned, managed, marketed and hosted hundreds of events myself — I know just how difficult it can be to make the FIRST ONE a success right out the box and yet they did it!  I give them massive kudo’s for this).

Your learning experience is amplified.

This is NOT a pitch fest.   In fact speakers do have to agree NOT to SELL at this event.

So, I truly do mean it when I say that this is a learning experience like no other.  Apart from the previous “no pitch” statement, one of the best parts about this event is that attendee’s had the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers throughout the day.

It wasn’t limited to the 5 minute QnA with speakers (that you get at most conferences) not at all. The speakers were amazing and their QnA sessions were great, but even before the event day there was a launch party where people could meet the experts and ask the panel questions. This is scheduled to happen again on October 28th as well.

Then on event day there was also a pinup board where all attendee’s could state their troubles in business / ask questions etc. and the OMG Social Media team re-posted every question and all relevant answers to their live feed’s so that ALL the attendee’s and those watching from the web could benefit PLUS they addressed some from stage.

This is on top of the most valuable educational takeaway workbook that every attendee received.  This workbook is something you do NOT see at every event and it allowed attendee’s to apply what speakers were addressing in the moment!

The caliber of individuals, businesses and owners attending makes for a networking goldmine.

From the sponsors and speakers to the attendee’s last years event was filled with active professionals, already doing well in their businesses but eager to do better with Social Media. At least those that I have interacted with were.

These are the people you want to network with.  They have been at it for a while, have amassed their own following and can engage in highly intellectual conversation with you; they may also be primed and ready with potential opportunities to help you or collaborate with you.

That’s what we want from the networking side of business conferences; an audience that is already successful / moving and shaking / making things happen in their communities or across the nation.

You can learn more about this event through the press.

Anyhow, these are just my top 3 reasons to follow OMGSocialMedia — and of course to attend their events.  I hope you found my reasons informative and if they have inspired you to buy tickets – I recommend you do so while the early bird promo is still applicable.

vancouver business conference 2014

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